Diversity is key - Suzie and Fear Of Missing Out Released

The well worn path of the single release! An opportunity to give listeners a preview of what they can expect from the album. For this reason exactly, I wanted to push two songs out on the one day so that there wasn’t so much emphasis on the one song. I feel that the strength of this album is in it’s diversity of sounds and songwriting styles.

Fear Of Missing Out

The idea came from a conversation I had with a close friend about the idea of becoming a Mother. Our friends of a similar age were onto their 2nd or 3rd kid! It does give you a feeling like you are behind in life somehow but then again from their perspective, they might be craving the independence in life that they once had. The song was finished fairly quickly but needed another perspective to help tie it all together. Thankfully, the wonderfully talented Paul Dempsey came on board and helped bring the chorus into what you hear now, it’s a little more universal in Paul’s words because ‘We all feel like we’re missing out on something, no matter where you are at in your life’. 


I’ll have a drink for you

You’re gonna be a Mother soon

I’m so happy for your

I just thought that I’d be next in line

It’s ok though I’m having fun

And while there is no one who’s dependent on me

I gotta live it up

But why do I feel like I’m missing out?


How was your trip to Sante Fe?

It’s great you got some time away

You looked so happy in the photos

I’m sure they didn’t do it justice


Why do I feel like I’m missing out?

When everybody’s missing out

Why do I feel like I’m missing out?

When everybody’s missing out


What have I been up to?

Clearly not as much as you

I look at my life and I wonder what I’m doing wrong


Will I follow suit?

Try to be a Mother soon

I’m under pressure from the ticking clock

I question is this what I want?

Is this what I want?


Everybody is missing out

So why do I feel like I’m missing out

When everybody’s missing out


Some other life

Some other life


Why do we think we’re missing

Why do we think we’re missing

Why do we think we’re missing

Why do we think we’re missing out


I got into Patti Smith via my obsession with Jeff Buckley who appeared on Patti’s album Gone Again released in 1996. I love what Patti stands for, she isn’t defined by one thing she is constantly exploring and evolving as a Musician/Poet/Novelist/Photographer. Her book Woolgathering had a profound impact on me so much so that upon reading the book cover to cover in a day I sat down and wrote Suzie, an ode to my childhood.


Deep in summer, summer night

Windows open sorting the flies

Same temperature in as outside

Time to wander down the mountain side


Onto the main road, lit by the moon

Our conversation is this nights tune

Heat rising up from our shoes

The earth's not cooling anytime soon

I think I hear a car

That engine noise is coming fast

I think I hear a car

Don't let Suzie run ahead, don't let Suzie run ahead


We squat down in the bush below

To make sure we can't be seen by the road

We're still calling for her to come to our side

I can feel the panic, the whites of my mother's eyes


The cars headlight's growing brighter still

It's peaked the crest, it's coming on down the hill

Swipes by so fast as we hold our breaths

Hearts pumping fast through the walls of our chest


Return to black, except the moon and the devil tail light

Hoping she'll return sometime in the night


Please do not slow down

Keep moving one hundred by the hour

Please do not slow down

Keep moving one hundred by the hour

Please do not slow down

Don't let suzie run ahead




All You Have Is All You Need - What's it all about?

Pic by @spilting_films

Pic by @spilting_films

After a lot of planning, procrastinating, planning, writing, tears, singing, playing, recording, mixing and mastering I am happy to say that I, in collaboration with some great people, have created a new album called All You Have Is All You Need.The album is the first time I’ve worked with multiple producers and I’m super proud of what we’ve done.

All You Have Is All You Need is an exploration and documentation of the last 4 or 5 years of my life and is a culmination of lots of different styles of songwriting. In the past I have sometimes felt like the music I make and how I present myself isn’t quite on point for the industry standard, whatever that is.

I don’t like to stick to one style, this has been seen as a weakness or unmarketable. Whilst I understand the business side of music and the need to be making money it sometimes doesn’t allow for the artist to create what he/she/they wants.

Thankfully this is changing. It’s taken me a while to feel confident and comfortable with who I am and what I do and so this album is very much about embracing that and not being so concerned with the perceived ‘success’ of the album. 

My main intention and desire is for people to find space for themselves in the music and to hopefully find a sense of connection in some way. Stay tuned for more details to follow x